Iran Solo exhibition in Oman

Iran Solo exhibition in Oman will held for the second consecutive term with the aim of introducing Iran's export capabilities to Oman.

 The good political relations between Oman and Iran and the proper trading conditions between the two countries and the appropriate commercial laws set by the Omani government to invest in the foreign sector are a milestone. In order to start a new era of exports to Oman's markets according to volume the country's top imports and the existing market, our beloved country can make a huge contribution to this market.

 The investment in Oman is based on the plan put forward by the Omani government and by 2020, the Omani economy is set to become a completely non-oil economy, and the income of the oil industry will be replaced by other industries, and the non-oil industry , Is welcomed by the Omani  government.

The Oman government has worked to provide the appropriate framework for attracting foreign investors to non-oil sectors. In order to increase the level of domestic and foreign investment in the non-oil sectors of the country, the Oman government has provided the conditions for investors to become more inclined to participate in this economic platform.

Which include :

- Customs exemption for investors intending to import industrial equipment or companies importing these equipment on behalf of foreign investors

-Customs exemption to import raw materials of foreign factories that operating in Oman for the first ten years of operation

- exemption investors to pay taxes on companies and factories set up by them for the first ten years of activity

-Financial property of foreign investors in the case of investment in Oman

-loans with low interest rates and facilitated conditions for investors

-Compensation of damage to foreign capital caused by Oman's vast policies

-Insurance of export credits through export guarantees and financial agencies

It is worth mentioning that manufacturers are also taking advantage of this opportunity for easy access to the African market.

In this regard, major Iranian companies have also made long-term investments in this country, including Iran Khodro, MAPNA and HIRBDAN