Exhibition of Investment in Opportunities, Mass Construction, Civil & Urban Development

Exhibition goals

Introduction of the achievements, capabilities and capabilities of  both domestic and foreign companies, institutions and organizations

Field of activities of EXABUILD

Investments in Housing - Plans and Development Projects in the Governmental and Private Entity - Municipalities - Associations -Plans and Projects Related to Financial and Credit Institutions-Banks, Insurance and Financing Providers- Introduction of domestic and foreign investment opportunities - Real estate and leasing - Construction and urban development projects - Consultants and contractors in the sectors of construction and civil engineering - Projects related to civil engineering services - Design and construction of civil engineering projects - Design and construction of projects Residential - Design and construction of commercial projects - Design and construction of service projects - Design and construction of recreational projects - Designer And construction projects of towns and cities - design reconstruction projects - design and construction projects, development and optimization of housing - mass production projects - construction projects and urbanization - scientific institutions Research - specialized publications and software - Housing agencies and consultants - Improvement of worn out texture - Advice and capital management in housing and urban planning and development - Green space and urbanization