M+A 2020 


 The 17th International Exhibition of Advertising, Marketing and Related Industries

1- Supporting the advertising industry and improving the quantity and quality and explain the importance and significance & position of advertising among the community members and commercial, Industrial and services participants.
2- Further reducing on negative effects of commercial advertising and increasing positive functions and its development.
3- Introducing with modern advertising engineering techniques , digital marketing, applications, social networks,…
4- Promoting the education of marketing culture to be more successful in competitive markets and encouraging the domestic market to use the modern tools of marketing and sales promotion.
5- Establishing close connections between providers and applicants for services, knowledge based companies, startups, the industry involved
6- Introducing with new technologies of digital printing and three dimensional (3D) printing, software and hardware, advertising signs, labeling, related machineries- accessories and equipments.
7- The introduction of advertising agencies, scientific and knowledge-based companies, startups,…