Organizing Workshops:  

Organizing educational workshops in investment opportunities,building and mass construction  

1-New energies in building and mass construction related to solar and photovoltaic collectors  

2-Financing ways to attract  the foreign investors  

3- Integrated industrialsystem concrete  

4-Building system  

5-Investment opportunities in urban old textures  

6-lndustrialization in Building industry      


Organizing Workshops on building  

1-Management of building derrises reduction  

2-Absorptive cooling systems  

3- Protection of concrete surfaces in destructive environment      


Organizing  educational workshops  in transportation, traffic  and urban  services in cooperation with municipalities in these fields:  

1-Green space periods, Beautification and urban furniture consist of:  

2-Principles of green space designing  

3-Education of operation,repair and protection of green space machinery and equipments  

4-Principles and designing of green space irrigation systems  

5-Fertilizer and soil fertility in urban green space  

6-Lighting principles in urban green space  

7-Principles,designing and executing of urban furniture  

8-Education of separate from origin  

9-Mechanisation of separate from origin and collection  

10-Principles and processing of urban waste  

11- Waste management  

12-Firefighting and safety affairs consist of:  

13-Machinary,safety and firefighting equipments  

14-Safety in roads  

15-Transportation and traffic consist of:  

16- Technicalexamination of vehicles  

17-lntroduction of intelligent systems for traffic management  

18-Bus workshop  

19-Taxi workshop  

20- Asphalt factory workshop

21-Smart city

22- transportation startup event

23- Conducting a workshop on designing and manufacturing environmentally Compatible machinery by knowledge-based companies

24-Conducting training workshops in Tehran's metro station around the world, station complexes, subway pavement methods, tunnel and station construction methods, signaling and train wagons at the same time as public transport and utilities exhibition


Organizing urban management  workshop:    

1- Crisis management workshop for fire stations and safety services  

2- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station managers  

3- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station experts  

4- Waste management workshops for waste organizations managers  

5- Aramestan management workshops for Aramestan organizations managers  

6-Transportation management workshops for bus organizations managers  

7- Transportation management workshops for taxiand terminal organizations managers  

8- Asphalt  factory management, production process, transportation and distribution of  asphalt workshop for asphalt factories managers in municipalities