Organizing Workshops:  

Organizing educational workshops in investment opportunities,building and mass construction  

1-New energies in building and mass construction related to solar and photovoltaic collectors  

2-Financing ways to attract  the foreign investors  

3- Integrated industrialsystem concrete  

4-Building system  

5-Investment opportunities in urban old textures  

6-lndustrialization in Building industry      


Organizing Workshops on building  

1-Management of building derrises reduction  

2-Absorptive cooling systems  

3- Protection of concrete surfaces in destructive environment      


Organizing  educational workshops  in transportation, traffic  and urban  services in cooperation with municipalities in these fields:  

1-Green space periods, Beautification and urban furniture consist of:  

2-Principles of green space designing  

3-Education of operation,repair and protection of green space machinery and equipments  

4-Principles and designing of green space irrigation systems  

5-Fertilizer and soil fertility in urban green space  

6-Lighting principles in urban green space  

7-Principles,designing and executing of urban furniture  

8-Education of separate from origin  

9-Mechanisation of separate from origin and collection  

10-Principles and processing of urban waste  

11- Waste management  

12-Firefighting and safety affairs consist of:  

13-Machinary,safety and firefighting equipments  

14-Safety in roads  

15-Transportation and traffic consist of:  

16- Technicalexamination of vehicles  

17-lntroduction of intelligent systems for traffic management  

18-Bus workshop  

19-Taxi workshop  

20- Asphalt factory workshop      


Organizing urban management  workshop:    

1- Crisis management workshop for fire stations and safety services  

2- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station managers  

3- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station experts  

4- Waste management workshops for waste organizations managers  

5- Aramestan management workshops for Aramestan organizations managers  

6-Transportation management workshops for bus organizations managers  

7- Transportation management workshops for taxiand terminal organizations managers  

8- Asphalt  factory management, production process, transportation and distribution of  asphalt workshop for asphalt factories managers in municipalities