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Company History

Avin lnt'l Holding is founded in Tehran-Iran under registration No of 162750 dated 20-May-2000.Avin Intigroup carries a message from the future by the people who are able to see faraway horizons from highest .As a consultant with more than 19 years background,share it's valuable experiences in exhi­bitions, events, workshops and international seminars, exhibition & expo services, advertising pro­grams,design and stand construction,marketing and market researches,dispatching high commer­cial delegation, printing affairs and books compilation,to companies,institutions and organizations and also help you to create your image in the crowded market clearly.

Our success is driven by our people and their commitment to get results the right way-by operating responsibly, executing with excellence,applying innovative technology and capturing the opportu­nities for profitable growth.

Avin International Holding is the pioneer company in the exhibition industry in Iran and as a member of UFI and with responsible and experienced staff, achieves its responsibilities. This company with more  than 40 full-time and part-time staff has tried to be creative by applying the latest scientific methods and creates new ideas.


Company Statute

Name and Type Of the company: Avin lnt'lHolding Company


Object of the Company:

 To export  and Import of all authorized  commercial goods, to participate in all tenders & auctions (localand Foreign),to perform the transactions based on the relevant regulations and laws,to partner with real& legal entities,to obtain the credit loan from local & foreign,Banks, to receive agency from the company by having the same objects, to design, super­ vision , partner in all affairs related to holding the exhibitions,firms, Conferences,to draw up, to prepare,counseling ,implementation of propaganda  programs and public relations, to perform other services regarding introduce & sell of goods are presenting the relevant services


Name of founders or Shareholders:Mr.Seyed Ali Etedali and Ms.Mahin Khajeh Kavoosi


Duration of the Company:

Unlimited Period

Directors Of the Company and the person have the right  to sign:MR. Seyed Ali Etedali ,As Member of the Board of directors and Managing Director and Ms.Mahin Khajeh Kavoosi As Member of the Board of directors.



The right of all Negotiable and binding instruments deeds and ordinary letters will be valid by signature  of Managing Director  or chairman  of  the board  of directors  (individually) using the companies seal.


Membership and Marketing Documents

Due to increasing growth in internationalcommunications, this company has received various mem­berships in different Associations as follows:

Iran Marketing Research Association

IEOA:Iran InternationalExhibition Organizer Association

UFI:The globalassociation industry

ESOMAR:European Society of Marketing  research

IAA :International Advertising Association

QRCA:The qualitative research of consultant institutes

Iran Advertising Agencies Association

Iran Management Association

IranInternationalExhibition Company



Registered Offices Abroad

 While the company has tried to be a leader in the domestic market, expanded its activities in interna­tional markets and created branches in following countries:

 Avin Marketing and Commercial office in the Middle  East and Europe and CIS:

 1-   United Arabic Emirates, Dubai

2-   Georgia, Tbilisi

3-   Netherlands, Amsterdam

4-   Qatar-Doha

5-   Oman-Masqute

6-   Turkey-Istanbul

7-   Kuwit-Kuwit

In  order   to   development  of   inland   and  foreign   activities,   the   company   has  signed   MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for cooperation and finding business partners.


Agencies  and foreign partners:


-Turkey (2 agents)

-China (3 agents)









CEO Profile


-  General Director of Export Services Center in Trade Promotion Organization of Iran.

-  Administrator of board of directors and general director  of CEO of IIEC

-  Founder of Iran International Exhibition Organizer  Association Chief of the board  of mentioned association.

-  Executive  manager   of  several  inside  &   outside   exhibitions  for  Iran  International  Exhibition Company.

-  Senior specialist of exhibition affairs and expansion of non-oil export  in specialized committee of Commercial Ministry Specialized Committee.

-  Teaching Training Course of Exhibition Industries & Marketing.

-  Managing director  of Expo Trade Of Oman.

-  Managing director  of Avin lnt'l Corporation.

-  Managing director  of Expo Trade of Qatar.

-  Managing director  ofTrade Gate ofTurkey.

-  Managing director  and Head of the Board of Expo Trade Gorgia.

-  Managing director  and Head of the Board of Avin FZE UAE.



Organizing Inti Exhibitions from  2000 to 2019:

  • Organizing Iran Solo Exhibition In Oman 26-30Jan 2016
  • Marketing for 10 Period of Inti Exhibition of Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemicals. (Tehran-Iran)
  • Organizing  17 periods of lnt'l Exhibition of Transportation
  • Organizing  17 periods of lnt'l Exhibition of Urban Services& Related Industry
  • Organizing  16 periods of lnt'l Exhibition of Marketing & Advertising Industry
  • Organizing  7 periods  of lnt'l Exhibition of Mass Construction, New Technologies of Building  and investment Opportunities in Properties
  • Organizing The 17th International exhibition of electronics, computer and e-commerce
  • Organizing The 19th International exhibition of electronics, computer and e-commerce
  • Organizing The 20th International exhibition of electronics, computer and e-commerce
  • Organizing 6 periods of International Exhibition of equipment for audio, visual, film, photography and musical instruments.
  • Organizing  6 periods  of international exhibition of educational equipment, stationary and office machineries
  • Organizing  6 periods  of international exhibition of automation, office  machines  and electronic banking.
  • Organizing  1st seminar of buildings standard
  • Organizing  the 2nd specialized exhibition of construction technologies and maintenance of roads, machinery and related industries.
  • Organizing  1st international exhibition of workshop and garage equipments, tools, equipments and related industries.
  • Organizing 1st international exhibition of investment opportunities, economic  and free zones and tourism.
  • Organizing  1st international exhibition of transportation and urban services- Kish
  • Organizing  the exhibition of municipalities achievements- Kish
  • Organizing  5th international exhibition of printing and packaging- Mashhad
  • Organizing  the 3rdinternational exhibition of advertising and marketing industry- Mashhad
  • Holding the Islamic Republic of Iran's pavilion at the international medical  and pharmaceutical in Syria-Damascus.
  • Holding The Islamic  Republic  of Iran's pavilion at the  international exhibition of  construction industry(Big 5)in the United  Arabic Emirates-Dubai.
  • Organizing international specialized exhibition of food and agriculture-Iraq-Baghdad
  • Organizing Iran's exclusive fair in Kabul- Afghanistan
  • Organizing  the marketing and advertisement of 5th Inti Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals in Tehran permanent fair, Consultants  International Exhibition with  the participation of Iran International Exhibitions Co.(2000)
  • Organizing  the marketing and advertisement of 6th Inti Exhibition of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals in Tehran permanent fair, Consultants  International Exhibition with  the participation of Iran International Exhibitions Co.(2001)



Qatar Exhibitions Organizing (2014-2019): (Organizing, Pavilion, Participation & Trade)

1- The lnt'l Exhibition of Pack,Print, Advertising Related Industries & Machineries

2-The lnt'l Exhibition  of Medical, Dental, Laboratory  Equipment, Pharmaceutical Products & Health Care Services

3-The lnt'l Exhibition of Oil,Gas,Refining and Petrochemical

4-The lnt'l Exhibition of Water,Water Waste, Electricity and Renewable Energy

5-The lnt'l Exhibition of Food, Food Technology,Agriculture& Related Industries

6-The lnt'l Exhibition of Household Appliances & Consumer Goods 

7-The lnt'l Exhibition of Auto and Auto Parts

8-The lnt'l Exhibition of Furniture, Interior  Design,Decoration, Home Textiles & Related Industries

9-The lnt'l Exhibition ofTransportation,Logistic,Transit and Related Industries

10-The lnt'l Exhibition of Building Industries & HVAC (Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration)

11-The lnt'l Exhibition of Computer, Electronic,Telecommunication & Information Technology & e-Commerce

12-The lnt'l Exhibition of Building Materials,Stones, Equipment  and Construction Machineries

13-The lnt'l Exhibition and Conference of  Investment Opportunities in Qatar

14-The lnt'l Exhibition of Urban & Civil Services,Municipalities & Environment & Related Machinery

15-The lnt'l Exhibition ofTourism,Travel, Hospitality Industry  and Related Equipment & Services

16-The lnt'l Exhibition of Beauty Products, Hair, Fragrances, Wellbeing, Cleanser,Detergent, Hygienic, Cellulose Product and Related Machinery


Conferences and exhibitions:

  • Organizing the exhibition and seminar of investment opportuni ties in energy
  • Organizing  the  exhibition   and  seminar  of  the  optimization  of  fuel  consumption  in  the transportation industry
  • Organizing the exhibition  and seminar of contractors and consultants in water and electricity industry,new and renewable energies
  • Organizing the exhibition of energy in Qeshm
  • Organizing national conference Assaluyeh and economic development  of Iran in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals 
  • in Tehran permanent fair Consultants International Exhibition  with  the participation of Iran International Exhibitions Co.(2001)
  • Organizing national seminar of green spaces and urban landscapes
  • Organizing seminar of mayors in provinces and metropolises
  • Organizing seminar of deputies of the provincial civilaffairs
  • Organizing seminar of transportation
  • Organizing seminar of Industrialization challenges in mass construction
  • Organizing seminar of  housing improvement  and reforms in  cooperation  with  global bank and necessary policies for advanced programs
  • Organizing seminar of empowerment of suburbanization and restoration of old texture
  • Organizing   seminar  and  exhibition   of   global   publishers   organization   and   educational industries(World DIDAC) in Iran
  • Organizing Internationalseminar of investment opportunities
  • Organizing seminar and festival of advertisement
  • Organizing  seminar of exhibition  industry  in  the middle  east, Persian gulf  and central Asia
  • Organizing seminar of specialautomobiles and urban services




Invitation of delegations from Iraq,Turkey, Kuwait,Cyprus,Qatar, UAE, Spain


Organizing Workshops:

Organizing educational workshops in investment opportunities,building and mass construction

1-New energies in building and mass construction related to solar and photovoltaic collectors

2-Financing ways to attract  the foreign investors

3- Integrated industrialsystem concrete

4-Building system

5-Investment opportunities in urban old textures

6-lndustrialization in Building industry


Organizing Workshops on building

1-Management of building derrises reduction

2-Absorptive cooling systems

3- Protection of concrete surfaces in destructive environment


Organizing  educational workshops  in transportation, traffic  and urban  services in cooperation with municipalities in these fields:

1-Green space periods, Beautification and urban furniture consist of:

2-Principles of green space designing

3-Education of operation,repair and protection of green space machinery and equipments

4-Principles and designing of green space irrigation systems

5-Fertilizer and soil fertility in urban green space

6-Lighting principles in urban green space

7-Principles,designing and executing of urban furniture

8-Education of separate from origin

9-Mechanisation of separate from origin and collection

10-Principles and processing of urban waste

11- Waste management

12-Firefighting and safety affairs consist of:

13-Machinary,safety and firefighting equipments

14-Safety in roads

15-Transportation and traffic consist of:

16- Technicalexamination of vehicles

17-lntroduction of intelligent systems for traffic management

18-Bus workshop

19-Taxi workshop

20- Asphalt factory workshop


Organizing urban management  workshop:

 1- Crisis management workshop for fire stations and safety services

2- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station managers

3- Crisis management workshop for safety services and fire station experts

4- Waste management workshops for waste organizations managers

5- Aramestan management workshops for Aramestan organizations managers

6-Transportation management workshops for bus organizations managers

7- Transportation management workshops for taxiand terminal organizations managers

8- Asphalt  factory management, production process, transportation and distribution of  asphalt workshop for asphalt factories managers in municipalities



Research periods in market, advertising and marketing

1- Marketing principles and programs

2- Electronical marketing

3- Investigation of international markets

4- Role of exhibitions in marketing activities

5- Public relations in marketing

6- Marketing researches

7- Principles of commercialadvertising and marketing

8- Advertising program

9- Tasks and structure of advertising offices 

10- Advertising rules

11- Web advertising

12- Commercial negotiations

13- language of advertising

14- Comercialcorrespondences

15- International contracts

16- Comercialinsurance

17- Products discharge

18- Insurance

19- Product transition and transportation


Organizing conferences 

  • Organizing press conference in UAE- RAK free zone
  • 4th conference and exhibition of Iran Aerospace Forum


Research topics

 •  Investigation of effective factors in the success of international exhibitions in developing country exports.


 Organizing festivals and commercial tours

 •  Organizing commercial tour  from  Afghanestan, Iraq, Turkey,China, Oman, Georgia, France and Netherland

 •  Organizer of commercial tour in China for visiting China's exhibition in Iran

 •  Organizer of agro food Exhibition and festival in Tehran



  • Obtaining certificate and educational periods for upgrading scientific levelof human resources of Avin Co.
  • Passing Exhibition Management Diploma under UFI supervision
  • Passing training courses of Europe research marketing
  • Passing technical periods in marketing and advertising under supervision of ministry of culture



  • Exhibition and exhibition management- 2011
  • EXPO 2012