Today, many managers are understandably seeing things objectively and quickly changes changed the rules of the games in the market.

On the other hand, the lack of competitive mechanisms, prevent the development of knowledge and skills in marketing Process. Undoubtedly a successful transition into the world of advertising and marketing knowledge is required to be developed. Engagement in the global advertising and marketing industry needs its professional language, powerful promotional companies, using different methods of marketing and advertising, providing funds for the advertising and understanding differentiation in various markets, Continues Advertising, Considering budget for advertising and providing distinct advertising during product life cycle.

The 16th exhibition of advertising and marketing provide an environment for all activities to become familiar with the latesWorld knowledge and show the ability of their company to public.



1-       Support of advertising industry, promotion of quality and quantity of industry


2-       Reduction of negative effects of further commercial development and increasing positive functions


3-       Introduction to promote sales and marketing techniques


4-       Promotion of marketing culture for success in competitive markets and encourage greater domestic use of modern marketing tools


5-       Establishing a close relationship between marketing and advertising service providers and clients


6-       Familiarity with the latest developments in the international markets and competitors Modern and efficient


7-       transfer of technical knowledge in order to increase the quality and quantity of domestic production and

      the development of Non-oil exports.